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TANNÖD  //  Director: Bettina Oberli  // Cast: Julia Jentsch / Monica Bleibtreu / Volker Bruch / Brigitte Hobmeier  //  Production: Wüste Film / Constantin Film / Hugofilm  //  Year: 2009 

Variety - Oberli and her tech team — especially d.p. Stephane Kuthy, often shooting in handheld closeup, and Swedish composer Johan Soderqvist, working in Philip Glass mode — create some chilling sequences of dread and horror. Visual standout is a sequence in which the villagers emerge en masse from the dark, surrounding forest to gaze at “evil” Tannoed farm; one of the creepiest scenes is Kathrin’s sudden realization of what may well be the truth.

tasteofcinema.com - Together with the dim lighting, a dense forest which looks like it’s straight out of the Grimms’ fairy tale adds a lot to a creepy atmosphere and becomes a character on its own. And Stéphane Kuthy’s icy cold photography complements the film’s dark subject matter.