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Director: Bettina Oberli  // Cast: Mélanie Thierry / Pierre Deladonchamps / Nuno Lopes / Anastasia Shevtsova  // Production: Rita Productons / Silex Films / Versus Productions / Canal+ / SSR // 2018 

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: Beyond showcasing the gorgeous mountain landscapes, Oberli’s regular cinematographer, Stephane Kuthy, also has a good eye for composition, such as in a striking medium shot of Pauline walking alongside a country road, which disappears into the center of the shot. She’s high on life after a night of lovemaking, but what she can’t yet see are the lights of the emergency services coming up behind her, a sight that helps advance the story on both a narrative and a thematic level. There's a similarly significant, equally long shot later in the film, when Pauline returns to the farm at night and finds things have gone completely out of control. The sustained sequence is technically impressive but thankfully doesn't draw attention to itself; instead it highlights Pauline's sense of stumbling around in a daze as if through a fog.

VARIETY Cinematographer Stéphane Kuthy’s light and flexible camera has a satisfying, at times tremulous inquisitiveness, finding the balance between people and nature.